Simmet (Private) Limited, was incorporated in the year 2001, which is a 100% foreign owned company registered with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka under the Foreign Direct Investment Scheme, having its well-equipped factory with complete infrastructure for the manufacturing process at the Export Processing Zone situated in Horana, Sri Lanka.

The company is engaged in the manufacturing of Non Ferrous Metal Products such as Copper and Copper Alloy Products (COPPER SHEETS/PLATES COPPER ALLOY SHEETS/PLATES BRASS SHEETS/PLATES) for export to international market.

There is high demand for the Copper Sheets /Brass Sheets to International Market. Products what are going to be produced are industrial products (Copper & Copper Alloy/ Brass- Sheets, Circle, plates,) and have multipurpose usage. Mainly it goes in electrical industries used in Utensils, Decorative items, Auto components, Radiator, electrical & Switchgear, Defense, Aero space ,connectors etc.

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Copper Sheets/Plates, Copper Alloy Sheets/Plates & Brass Sheets/ Plates from Sri Lanka, for years establish the long-term stable cooperative relations with many Indian Non ferrous Buyers.